Envato Elements is a subscription service which provides you with access to over 900,000 downloadable electronic assets for your projects. To keep things simple, Envato Elements provides just two pricing strategies — monthly and yearly — with both encouraging unlimited downloads. Thanks to a recent change to their own pricing model, both alternatives (rather than only the annual plan) now consist of access to the 900+ WordPress themes and plugins available from Envato Elements.

Unlike another premium picture and digital asset services, you won’t need to think about credits and download limitations. This strategy from Envato Elements is excellent since it provides you the capability to experiment with various files before making a last decision on which one to use for your project.

These designers are paid for their efforts via a revenue sharing model. Fifty percent of net revenue is allegedly shared with all the content creators who provide the assets for Envato Elements.

How Much Does Envato Elements Cost?

  • Monthly plan: $33 plus applicable local taxes billed monthly.
  • Annual plan: $198 plus applicable local taxes charged annual (equivalent to $16.50 per month).

As mentioned earlier in this Envato Elements inspection, you no longer have to pay annually to gain access to this 900+ WordPress themes and plugins (along with the other resources ) as it now doesn’t matter whether you choose to pay monthly or yearly, you can download everything accessible from Envato Elements while your subscription is active.

But, there’s still a benefit of paying annual, and that is that you’ll save 50 percent over the year in comparison to paying monthly.

Another fantastic reason to look at linking Envato Element is you are able to cancel your subscription at any time and still retain the rights to use any items which you downloaded and registered throughout your time as a subscriber. However, we’ll be covering the license details in more depth later on in this Envato Components review.


Envato Elements is a heaven for electronic founders that provides you access to over 900,000 downloadable digital assets, without worrying about their credibility as most of them are already licensed. Envato Elements also offers an uncomplicated financial model with two pricing plans — monthly and yearly, each of which support unlimited downloads.

Their assortment of products is exceptionally versatile which lets you go for products which fit your affordability and purpose of the undertaking. Whether you are a blogger who desires amazing images for your posts, an illustrator who wants plenty of fonts and images to select from, or a audio composer who’s looking for some appealing sound effects for your musical content, Envato Elements can speech to a expansive target audience and encompasses all that it takes to encourage effective production of visual in addition to audio content. Besides all these benefits, Envato Elements new venture with Twenty20 gives you access to over 50 million authentic, real world images which you may use on your personal as well as professional projects.


  • Not as many WordPress themes as things in the other classes.

Final Ideas

I was impressed with Envato Elements. Just $33 a month (or the equivalent of $16.50 per month if you pay annual ) gets you access to a huge library of high quality assets.

As a blogger and sociable media user, I now have a seemingly infinite supply of pictures I can use to boost my articles, tweets and other social networking posts. If I were a graphic designer, programmer, or another kind of founder, then Envato Components will be even more practical and far better value. Being able to rapidly download a site template to show to a client as a beginning point, or catch some interesting new fonts for a project will help save you a lot of effort and time, finally helping to improve your bottom line. Business owners who need a pair of stationery templates will be able to find something suitable here also.

Now that WordPress plugins and themes are available in Envato Elements, it’s an even better bargain than before. Also, since the first version of the Envato Elements inspection was published, the number of digital assets in the library has risen from 20,000 to over 909,00, with the price remaining almost the same.

My only concern with Envato Components is quality control. So far, all the assets appear to have been created to a very large standard. Hopefully, since the prevalence of the platform grows, particularly in order for creatives to market their job, Envato will keep on top of content submissions to maintain the current grade levels. However, following a year of working with the service, this issue appears to be unfounded — so far at least — as the quality of the assets remains quite high.

Dependent on the current library of assets accessible from Envato Components, this support comes highly recommended for anyone who needs a steady stream of WordPress themes, plugin, graphics, templates, mockups, and a wide range of other visual content at a reasonable price. Since you can continue to use any things you’ve downloaded and enrolled after your subscription has ended, even if you just need a small number of things for a project, Envato Elements remains a fantastic value proposition.