About ShortStack by Dylan Conlin

Dylan is a self-taught Javascript developer, who Retains a degree in biochemistry from the University of Nevada, Reno.

He’s the team member most likely to sniff out and fix bugs, and he’s also the guy who implements the various feature requests that come from ShortStack’s loyal users. When he’s not at the workplace, Dylan is studying up on electronic monies or is turning music in clubs and pubs around town.

ShortStack Pricing

Annual Pricing

BUSINESS $79/month Billed $948 annually  AGENCY $159/month Billed $1,908 annually  BRAND $399/month Billed $4,788 yearly  
10,000 Entries50,000 Entries500,000 Entries
50,000 Views250,000 Views2,500,000 Perspectives

ShortStack Key features

  Random Winner Selection  All Business Plan FeaturesAll Agency Plan Features
Website EmbeddingHashtag & Retweet ContestsDedicated Account Manager
Entry Transfers via Form IntegrationsVideo Upload ContestsDigital Rights Management
               Social Media Comment to Input ContestsUnique Coupon Codes & Prizes DistributionUnique Code Redemption to Input
TikTok & IG Reels ContestsWhite-label Campaigns Endless Hashtag & Retweet Contests
Refer-a-friend and Instant Win ContestsTeam Member Collaboration5 Team Member Seats Included

Who is it Designed For?




Types of Contests

Within my detailed ShortStack inspection, I said that you can conduct several types of competitions using ShortStack. In this part of this review, let us look at some of those contests and what each involves.


These are the competitions where participants may enter by supplying their details for an opportunity to win a prize. Such competitions attract a lot of entrances and usually have one or a few winners.

You can use these contests to attract prospects and receive their contact info in exchange for giving them a chance to win the prize. This is a great way to gather email information from potential customers.

2.ShortStack allows you to create fully customized giveaways, together with absolute independence in designing your landing and form page.

Obviously, you can pick from many different predesigned templates to run different types of giveaways.

3.Instant Win Contests

These are the competitions where participants are educated about winning when they submit the involvement form. It takes much less time investment from participants and offers immediate results while collecting all pertinent info.

For such competitions, you can provide unique prizes or provide exceptional discount codes prizes, so that everybody wins something. Moreover, should they use those codes, then you’ll receive more sales, therefore it’s a win-win for everybody.

4.Video Contests

These are much like picture contests, except that the entries are in the form of videos. It is possible to use this user-generated content for your social media feeds.

Want to learn how ShortStack makes conducting video competitions simpler?

If you use ShortStack, your participants can upload videos directly to some form. What is more, is it may be used to run a movie competition on any social networking platform.


Another popular way of generating leads via social media is utilizing a quiz to attract your viewers and direct them to your website. ShortStack will help you create and conduct a quiz by providing you with templates to get your job easier.

These are far better than competitions as they can generate leads without requiring any investment for prizes.

6.Social Media Contests

As I mentioned previously, you can utilize ShortStack to not just create landing pages and types but also layout social networking contests. In this part of the review, I will examine that.

Here are a Few of the key Kinds of social media contests Which You Can create and run utilizing ShortStack:


Inside this ShortStack review, I have only covered some of the essential types of contests which you can utilize ShortStack for. There are many other types of competitions which you can create and run using ShortStack.

Some of these contests include multi-day giveaways, wishlist competitions, refer-a-friend, voting competitions, etc..

ShortStack Pros and cons

Experts           Disadvantages  
A free trial Can Be Obtained Outstanding Customer Care        End-to-end Competition management AlternativeLots of templates and complete Layout flexibilityWhite Tagging option for BureausProhibitively Costly for individuals or Tiny CompaniesMay take new Customers some time to Comprehend


I Often see differently decent Gamers making crucial errors with brief heaps between 20 and 30 major blinds.

Many Are great money game players Who only haven’t had the expertise required to perform ShortStacks nicely.

Others Are amateur players whose Chief aim is to play with a great deal of hands and endeavor to create Something post-flop irrespective of the mathematical limitations of the game.

If You encounter either of these classes, I hope That these suggestions can let you prevent A number of the most typical Problems you encounter deep in tournaments.