About Wix

WIX (since 2006) is a Cloud-based web development platform, widely used across the world:

· More than 150 million users worldwide

· Users from over 190 nations

WIX allows users to create sites and You do not need to know anything about coding.

Wix Provides some wonderful features for constructing a site:

· Countless free templates

· Both free and paid web hosting and domains

· And of course… Wix App Market

  • How can Wix work?

Offered as an Internet service, Wix enables you to operate with a Adding visual editor to construct your site even in the event you’ve got zero coding knowledge without any previous training.

Consider it as with building blocks to make your personal design.

The machine is so intuitive It Will probably only take you Minutes to familiarize yourself. After your basic website is prepared and Visually acceptable for you, Wix Website Builder also enables you to add in extra Components as different add-ons to a website like type builders, forums, online Stores and lots of different items.

  • Benefits of use

· Determined by consumer experience, which may be seen throughout from the site of the website to the website editor itself.

· Strong drag & drop editor which is adaptable to a level of tech experience and internet development knowledge. The workflow is quite smooth and no coding skills are required.

· Wix has an extensive collection of components enabling you to make changes, add or remove text boxes, lightboxes, buttons, videos and more — in just a couple clicks. Super user interface.

· Experienced coders can completely customize their site in accordance with their needs through Wix Code.

· Added hosting and domain services are supplied within the Wix platform, making it an all in 1 solution for website development.

· More than 180 million Users, from over 80 nations use Wix to increase their enterprise, because of its Outstanding simplicity and performance.

  • Wix Pricing

· Wix provides several pricing plans including its most popular Unlimited Plan.

· All programs are available on a monthly or yearly basis. Annual subscriptions cost approximately 25 percent less a month and unlike monthly subscriptions include 1 year domain registry and coupons (see below).

· Wix’s Premium Plans are well structured and change from $5 connect domain name to $24.5 VIP per year on a yearly basis.

· G Suite packs can be obtained for $5 per user per month.

· Updating your strategy, since the business scales is always possible.

· Wix delivers a totally free plan which comes with a branded strip at the bottom of the page.

· All plans include:

  • Transaction Methods
  • wix falls short in regards to the payment methods it supplies — both Paypal and other electronic wallets aren’t supported by the company.
  • Wix users are able to accept payments through Paypal as a payment system in their Wix site.
  • If you want to be on any of Wix’s paid programs, you’ll want to get one of the popular credit cards it supports. Wix does offer Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and American Express as payment methods.
  • Support and Knowledge Base

· Wix includes a superior support center consisting of thousands of well written posts, covering the entire platform, at a whopping 9 different languages from Japanese into German and French.

· Wix editor includes step-by-step walkthrough videos for nearly every feature and component.

· Wix Education (Wix Ed) YouTube station has tons of tutorials and product summary movies to make it easy to troubleshoot problems and learn the platform.

· Further assistance is available through email service by submitting a ticket, or by contacting its call center during business hours.

· Coding associated questions and challenges could be addressed in the comprehensive Wix Code Forum.

· Simple to ask new attributes, by constantly monitoring recurring issues and Collecting votes from customers.

  • Conclusion

If I’m being Honest I had my reservations about Wix at first because their merchandise hasn’t always Simpler to recommend. Back in the times it had been Flash-based and consistently a little Different (such as your older classmate who had that weird taste in clothing ).

But, Because of their never ending improvements They’ve become one of those Cool kids, gradually climbing our rank to Now claim the top position